St. 2025年托马斯 is an ambitious yet focused five-year effort designed to propel the university toward a new level of impact. It is a guide to help us reach higher in serving our students, our community and the world.

The next five years present an unparalleled opportunity to promote our strengths and leverage key opportunities.

Not only will this five-year plan help us strengthen what we do best; it will encourage us to leverage new opportunities, gain stature and continue to thrive in an increasingly challenging and competitive landscape for higher education.

你可以查看 quarterly updates on progress we've made towards key success metrics 为每个定义 strategic priority of the 2025战略规划.


St. 托马斯。 is at a distinct point in our history – and we are poised to expand our reach across the country and to build a national reputation. Its position as the largest private university in Minnesota, nimble yet comprehensive, gives St. 托马斯。 a unique advantage. With keen focus on strategic opportunities, we will not just survive the headwinds, 而是茁壮成长.

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Through these strategic priorities, St. 托马斯。 will build upon its strengths, invest where we have unprecedented opportunity and make bold progress. We will expand our impact with new and emerging priorities and continue to accentuate our differentiating strengths through priorities that are ongoing.

See the 2025 战略重点
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We share quarterly updates on the progress we make on the key success metrics 为每个定义 strategic priority.


Factors That Shaped the 2025战略规划

阻力 & 机会

Societal trends and the state of higher education continue to shift due to forces beyond COVID-19. As we prepare to navigate an ever-changing landscape, we need to keep key opportunities and challenges top of mind.


The 教师 and staff of St. 托马斯。 shared their thoughts, 贡献的想法, and engaged in community conversations around the successes and obstacles of initial draft themes. In addition, feedback was gathered from students and other members of the broader community.

Success of the 2020 Strategic Plan

St. 2020年托马斯 guided the work of the university since 2015 and led to many important accomplishments; many initiatives that began in the 2020 plan will continue into St. 2025年托马斯.

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Introducing the 2025战略规划

Building on the vision of our founder to "never stop improving," the 2025 strategic plan is a five-year guide to help St. 托马斯。 make a bolder impact. Listen to this high-level overview with President Sullivan's call to the community to create and embrace a thriving future for the university.